Aromatic spices used for centuries


Plants that we use as a spice every day are ingredients with exceptional taste, smell and even intensive health properties. Spices have been known for centuries and it was thanks to them that even great geographical discoveries were made. Wanting to obtain valuable spices Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigate the world, changing the perception of the whole globe at the time. Spice plants affect the taste, smell and even visual values ​​of our dishes.

Among the most commonly used spices is cinnamon, which, in addition to excellent taste, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and digestive systems and has anti-inflammatory properties. Liked by all mothers – fennel is recommended for baby colic because it supports digestion and prevents indigestion and flatulence. Let’s not forget garlic, thyme, black cumin seeds or a great dessert addition that’s in the form of vanilla sticks.

Vanilla sticks – one of the most expensive spices in the world

Fresh vailla

Vanilla sticks are unripe fruits of the orchid family, which after the fermentation process obtain a beautiful and sweet aroma. This process is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of work, so vanilla with saffron and cardamom is one of the most expensive spices in the world.

Added to pudding, liqueurs, ice cream, chocolate, creams and other desserts, it increases their taste and enriches them with a wonderful aroma. In addition to these qualities, vanilla sticks have healing properties because they have a stimulating but non-addictive effect. Preparations based on vanilla work antipyretic, improve mood, relieve stress, soothe nerves and helps people in depressive states. In addition, just like the black cumin seeds has a beneficial effect on the digestive system

Fennel flower seeds – the gold of the pharaohs

Black seeds

Seeds of fennel flower have already been appreciated by the ancient Egyptians, who described them as „the gold of the pharaohs”. This honourable title of black seeds has gained due to the numerous properties that make it a cure for many ailments.

The ancients thought that black seeds could cure everything but death, hence its widespread use in herbal medicine. Black cumin seeds strengthen immunity, have analgesic, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects. They show a beneficial effect on the digestive system by increasing bile production and relaxing smooth muscles. Eating black cumin seeds, e.g. as spices for bread, meat and salads, increases milk production, which is why it is recommended for breastfeeding women. Black cumin is also great for inflammation of the skin, acne or mycosis.